J.Stephens (Jonathan Stephens) is a one-man band singer songwriter based out of Spartanburg South Carolina.  With a few guitars, a couple of harmonica's and a home-made suitcase kick drum, J.Stephens creates a unique sound that combines the bluesy rock of The Black Keys and the soulful pop of Gavin Degraw with the raw feel of Folk-Rock and Americana.

J.Stephens has been in love with singing and songwriting since the age of 10.  At the age of 18,  he decided to put his passion for singing and songwriting on the back burner and focus his creativity and energy towards the band that he and 2 close friends started called Eleventyseven.  J.Stephens spent 10 years touring all over the world playing drums for Eleventyseven.   In the fall of 2012, the band decided to call it quits.  As most would expect, he settled down, adjusted to a more stable life style and pursued a more secure career.  This lasted about a year before the undeniable itch to create music demanded to be scratched.   

Since 2013,  J.Stephens has spent his spare time writing, recording and performing his music.  He released a 5 song EP in September of 2017 entitled "Just The Bones". The EP was recorded using only his suitcase kick drum, an electric guitar and his vocals.  "Just The Bones" is a collection of songs that lean more towards his bluesy rock & roll side.  J.Stephens is currently playing in a trio called "Howl In The Valley". The trio recently tracked their debut EP.  The project will be released in spring April 5th, 2019.

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