1. Daddy's Words

From the recordings Daddy's Words and Daddy's Words

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Daddy's Words

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Daddy gave up trucking pay for minimum wage after I was born
Mama had to 3rd shift waitress just to make enough to keep that old trailer warm
When times got tough man we barely had enough
To keep the wolves from kicking down the door
We was told to be glad for the little we had
I can still hear my Daddy’s words

He said count your blessings be they little or a lot
Take the high road when it’s easy take a beating when it’s not
Hold on to the good and try to learn from the bad
And be thankful for everything you have
My Daddy’s words

When I turned 17 Lord I knew everything so I left home
Had a part time job and and an old guitar hell bent to make it on a song
3 years later I was still waiting tables
Cuz the singing wasn’t paying much
Every time I felt sorry for myself
I’d remember my Daddy’s words

Well it’s been a couple years since I made a career out of singing songs
Everytime I play on any given stage Lord it feels like coming home
No it ain’t always easy making money with the singing
But I find a way to make it work
I’m just risking it all still having a ball
Singing my Daddy’s word