1. Keeper

From the recording Just The Bones

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My baby she's a keeper
Shoots her love up in my blood like she's a needle
She's the rhythm to my heartbeat
She's the melody in every single song I sing
Down in the valley, Up on the mountain
She stand by no matter where I am
She's lighthouse I'm a ship at sea
If my heart was a spark she's the gasoline

We got something real good going on here
It don't get better than this
I need her love like lungs need oxygen
She's a keeper, oh oh
Yea she is
She's a keeper, oh

She's the coffee I'm a cigarette
Some things are better when ya have em as a set
She's the words to every song I write
She's the rhythm that ya feeling as I sing this line
I'm just a drunkard, She's the bourbon
She keep me thirsty with her whiskey tongue
She's the tempo to my rock and roll
If her love was a drug I'm trying to overdose