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Girl On The Wall

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It was a Thursday night at the local show
I was playing with some bands that nobody knows
When I saw her there leaning on the wall
In a black leather jacket with her wayfarers on
Red lipstick purple streak in her hair
I said hey pretty baby can I buy you a beer
She just rolled her eyes and lit a cigarette
She said I take my whiskey neat if you're interested

We had a couple drinks and I was talking fast
Every line that I was pitching she was hitting back
But I stood my ground and took her by the hand
Said what's it gonna take for me to be your man

She pulled her shades to the tip of her nose
Grabbed my shirt and she pulled me close
Said the only thing that ya need to know
I love a man who knows how to rock and roll

Can ya rock me all nightlong
Keep my heart beating to the rhythm of your song
Can ya, shake me with your soul
Set me on fire with your rock and roll

Well I started grinning and I gave her a wink
When I heard the MC introducing me
Told her, Wait here I won't long
Headed for the stage and put my guitar on

I turned it up and I checked the mic
Said how's everybody doing tonight
Here's a new one you can dance ya want
This one goes out to the girl on the wall