From the recording Just The Bones

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Assassinate Me

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Never saw her coming, She assassin in disguise
Shoulda started running, the moment that we first caught eyes
Said that I would never, go down this road
Shoulda known better than to ever let her get this close
She's tearing my defenses down
Guess I might as well surrender now

Oh she's out for blood
She'll slit my throat with love
Yea, come on baby
Oh, assassinate me
Cuz I can't run no more
So do what you came here for
Yea come on baby
Oh, assassinate me

She a cold blooded killer, she got lips like novocaine
You won't even feel it, as she steals your breath away
Her finger's on the trigger, no where to run
With a kiss like a missile, she took me out now I'm in love
She's tearing my defenses down
It's too late to trying fight it now