1. My Name Is

From the recording Just The Bones

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My Name Is

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I see it in your eyes, Confused yet intrigued
You can't put your finger on it but you swear you know me
There's something so familiar in the sound of my voice
Every word I'm saying leaves you craving more

Something like a lover, at least I used to be
Before you fell for other, watered down versions of me
Have you forgotten the way I make you feel
Let me refresh your memory, and introduce myself


Don't feel so guilty, you're not the first to go
And be seduced so easy, by lovers with no soul
Their words are empty, their hearts are just for sale
You can only hear em, but Im what you feel

I am that fire,burning through your bones
And the flame gets higher, with each and every song
The kick drum matches your heartbeat
And you can't help yourself
You start to sing along, Lord it's been too long
Come on let's raise some hell