1. Get Lost

From the recording Just The Bones

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Get Lost

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I gotta 9 to 5, two kids and a wife
I gotta 40 hour paycheck that gets us by
AndI can't complain about my blue collar life
I just can't put out the flame that's burning inside

Ya see, Ive been waiting patiently
For the day to come when I can feed my family
With this, guitar and my suitcase drum
I just wanna make a living by singing these songs

Don't pity me, for chasing dreams
That just ain't happened yet
Cuz I'll be fine if tonight is the closest that I get

Get lost with me, in the chorus of a song
Raise up your drink, out down your phone
Don't worry yourself with what tomorrow holds
Let the melody just soothe your soul
Don't try to think now just let go
And get lost, in this rock and roll

If you're wondering about the shape I'm in
How after all these years I'm still trying
Well it comes down to what my daddy said
It ain't about where ya going it's how you get there

So if ya feeling me then get on your feet
And dance like ya would of nobody could see
And I'll sing each word like it's my last breath
We can have ourselves a night that we'll never forget

So here's a toast, to all of those
Who hear me all to well
Your day will come but until does
We might as well raise some hell